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Please pray for my poor son

August 6, 2013

My son Tyler, 11, had a seizure last night out of nowhere. He suddenly started repeatedly trying to say his sister’s name, then collapsed in a seizure. It took him ten minutes to be coherent. He was on vacation in Oregon.

He was rushed by ambulance to a hospital. He is currently undergoing a battery of tests to determine the cause.




From → My children

  1. Thank you Jesus !!! He’s all clear on tests! Not sure what caused it. Dr said maybe bronchitis combined with lack of sleep and too much fun!! Feeling better just needs rest ! The minute I heard my Ty asking 100 questions I knew he was better, ask away sweetie love hearing your voice !!! Love you more nana & papa

  2. Iva Gukeisen permalink

    We are praying and will Continue Our Love Iva and Jerry Richest Blessings

  3. Anita permalink

    Poor Tyler.. Get well soon

  4. Much better tonight just watching him closely, he does now have a fever every 4 hrs meds. Sleeping now ; ))

  5. Georgann permalink

    We will await the results of Tyler’s complete check-up with his doctor when he gets home. Thank you, Lynn, for taking good care of our boy. We are praying for him everyday.
    Love, Grandma G.

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