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Milestones: of dudes and girls, and name that family member

August 5, 2013

My son Cyrus has discovered that all people can be separated into one of two genders: girls and dudes. He will take a box of dolls and carefully, one by one, put them in two piles, holding each one up for you to see and gravely pronouncing them “dude” or “girl”. When he is watching his brothers play pro wrestling games on the TV, he will point at the screen and proudly announce “duuudes!” Yes, son, they are dudes.

Laila’s trick is to point at the family photo in the living room and name everyone while pointing at them (except Jacob). She even remembers Erica! By the way, Jacob is alive and well. I went to see him yesterday. He promised to visit me next weekend.


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  1. He’s sooo very smart. He picks up on everything. See a straight A student in the future.

  2. Georgann permalink

    Laila is showing real promise in the smarts area, too. They are all growing in every way. They are such a blessing to everyone in the family.
    Love, Grandma G.

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