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The princess, the pirate, and the train

July 21, 2013

Tyler and Destiny are heading up to Lemoore to join their grandparents on a trip to Oregon. Michelle, Cyrus, Laila and I are going along on the train to keep them company on the trip.

The babies are somewhat apprehensive. They don’t really understand who is going and who is staying, and how long they are going to be gone. They do seem to understand that a train is a method of travel, though.

In the big picture, Michelle and I are trying hard to enrich our children’s lives with music and travel. This summer Jacob went to Dubai and France. Erica went to New York, San Francisco, Paris, and the coast of France.

Tyler and Destiny are going to visit Brookings, Oregon. The entire family except for me went to stay in Pismo for a week. Michelle is going to Paris and Berlin in October. And Michelle and I went to LA and are going to Puerto Rico for the Labor Day weekend.

Why does any of this matter? One of my nannies was telling me she had never been outside Bakersfield. She has only left her neighborhood in Bakersfield twice in her life before she started working for me. I think it is important for my children to have travel experiences. Even starting when they are little.

By the way, the train is not a bad way to travel with little kids. They can run around instead of being trapped in a car seat. Everybody can use the wi-Fi to entertain themselves. It is less exhausting than driving. The train turns into a brutal grind on really long trips (like to Portland) but on medium distances it is very nice.





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  1. Erica Greene permalink

    Well it looks like you guys are having fun! Glad everyone got to go out 🙂

  2. Georgann permalink

    Good for you. Positive experiences do enrich a child’s life. The family train trip was a great idea.
    Love, Mom

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