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Milestones: The joy of words

July 15, 2013

The toddlers are increasingly learning to use language to express their wants and needs. They are really big on single words, including such gems as “please” and “no”. They also can name every person in their “family”, nannies included. They love to point to the family photo on the wall and proudly name family members off. They have also learned surprising phrases like when Cyrus shouts, “Hey, guys!” at the boys when they get loud (oh, sounds like mommy) or when Laila, correctly, told me today, “Oh, I drop berry” while she was eating dinner. Laila can put together a very clear “Hi, Daddy!” and loves to shout “outside!” when it looks like they might get to go play.

It is just fascinating seeing what they learn to say.

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  1. Georgann permalink

    My goodness. I am thrilled to hear they are all gaining a working vocabulary, including phrases. Everyday is exciting watching them learn new words and use them with understanding.
    Love, Grandma G.

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