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Princesses do not need naps and our happy little bully gets worse

July 7, 2013

Bella has decided that she is in no need of nap time. During nap time, she “talks” loudly to her siblings, including the phrase, “Get up!”, claps her hands, and makes the “get up” gesture with her palms up. It would be hysterical if she didn’t end up so cranky in the afternoons. Her brother and sister, being totally used to it, just cover their heads with their blankets to muffle the noise.

Cyrus’ little bullying problem is getting worse. We are consistently giving him time outs, but he repeatedly bites, slaps, pinches, head butts and pushes his poor sisters. We are exasperated and frustrated. Other than that, he is the happiest, most well-adjusted little kid: he runs around laughing and playing all day. At the slightest frustration, he attacks a sister. Then he gets a time out. He just waits patiently, gets out and does it again.

Does anyone have any helpful suggestions? They are almost two years old.


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  1. Georgann permalink

    The terrible twos have come to Cyrus early. Continue being consistent with immediate timeouts. He must be watched every minute that he is near the girls. I know he moves fast when he gets angry. Hopefully, he will learn sooner rather that later that his aggressive behavior will not be tolerated. Good luck!
    Love, Mom

    • Believe me, we are trying. The problem is he goes from giggles to biting in a micro-instant. It is so frustrating! All the children, nannies and parents are on constant watch. Meanie!

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