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The age of discipline

June 12, 2013

Well, the triplets have reached the age of 21 months, and they are old enough to start managing their behavior better. We have established three behaviors that lead to immediate one minute time outs:

1. Assaulting other people. We have stopped this behavior from the beginning, but now we give out time outs in the time out play pen.

2. Throwing food intentionally on the floor during meal times: This one came about when Laila, staring me right in the eyes and being told “No!” every step of the way, defiantly and very slowly tossed her waffle on the floor, after staring right at me while dangling it in two dainty fingers for a few seconds out over the edge. Nice.

3. Head butting doors: If Cyrus gets frustrated because someone is in “his” bathroom when he wants them out, he just starts ramming the door with his chucky little head. Then, when it hurts, he sits and bawls. Time out, little angry man.

I am encouraging the sitters and wife to be consistent in their application of these rules as well. As a funny side benefit, now the girls throw their dolls into the play pen for a dollie time out after scolding them, with their little fingers raised and telling them, “Bad baby! You naughty! Time out, baby!”


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  1. Georgann Greene permalink

    Good idea! Dad

  2. Georgann permalink

    I observed Cyrus getting a timeout for trying to bite Bella. Sarah reacted immediately and told Cryrus, “No biting your sister.” She executed the procedure perfectly and it was effective. Cryus was in the play pin for one minute. Then Sarah repeated the reason he was placed in time out when she returned him to the play circle. He played without getting angry during the rest of that play period. I was most impressed. The children will be ready for preschool. They will have learned the behaviors necessary to function in a group of their peers. Bravo to you all!
    Love, Mom

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