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Does anyone know of baby modeling jobs?

June 4, 2013


  1. Larissa permalink

    This is adorable!!! Definitely need to get her into something!

  2. My manager is actually taking on
    The trio. Getting their work permits, head shots and signing a contract with my manager to start putting them out there. Recently came up when there was a national diaper commercial looking for toddlers. Which pays college $$. Can’t beat that. After I get all that set up, she’s sending their info over to an agent in Hollywood. So we shall see. Paying for their college is good enough for me. Lol

  3. 😢She and Bella were so adorable, hugging and cuddling up to me tonight. I’m gonna miss their smiling faces 😂. We had so much fun with them, zoo, duck park, riding wiggle cars, sliding down slides, lil swimming pool, slurping Chinese noodles, wagon rides, playing with their little cousins Hannah and Nathan till they dropped each night.

  4. Georgann permalink

    This is a beautiful photo for sure.
    Love, Grandma G.

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