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The family bluegrass band, finally!

May 24, 2013

I received the bluegrass gospel edition of “Band in a Book”, which has a score of common bluegrass gospel songs for each traditional instrument. I played the bass portion of Amazing Grace from the Band in a Book along with the recording that came with the book. It was not difficult. The banjo or mandolin would be much harder! I tried the mandolin score, and wow! It would be impossible without a long period of practice. So I am glad I have a bass.

On Memorial Day, a lot of my relatives who play instruments are coming over to play bluegrass music at my house. My mom and daughter Erica will play violin. My father-in-law Michael and my son Jacob will play lead and rhythm guitar. I will play the bass. It will be awesome! It is possible my new U-Bass might arrive tomorrow and I can use that to play. It is, believe it or not, a ukulele bass. It sounds great! Check out this example:

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