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The babies go to the park

May 18, 2013

This morning Melissa and I took the babies to the park. They usually go there twice a day, but since I am at work, I don’t get to go. But being as today is Saturday, I had the time. So, we tell them to get in the choo-choo, we are going outside. “Outside? Bye bye…” They realize dad is coming. “Dad, huh?”

We walk to the park with them in the wagon pointing out everything they find interesting. “See? Tree. Car.” When we get there, a group of men are playing touch football. “Ball.” A fire truck went by with it’s lights and sirens on. “Gasp!” The babies, except for Bella, got on the slide “Yay!” and Bella and Cyrus tried out the baby swings. “Whee!” Another baby showed up. “Hi.” His family brought their new puppy. “Huh? That?”

Then the babies decided to just walk and run in the open space for a while. “Giggle!” Eventually, little legs got tired. “Whine..” We told them to get back in the wagon, it was time to go home. “Whaaah!”


From → My children

  1. SWEET !!!! Counting the days to see you all and love and hug my lil and big angels!! Love you all more 😘😘😘 mom

  2. Georgann permalink

    A lovely and exciting day at the park. I would like to visit you on Memorial Day next week when you can be home, too. Over the week-end Erica will will be showing me around USF. I am looking forward to seeing you, Michelle, and the children. Please let me know if this fits with the family schedule.
    Love, Mom

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