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Milestones: Very distinct personalities

May 10, 2013

Each of our triplets has already developed a very strong and unique personality:


Nicknames: Chunko the Clown, Koala Bear

Personality: Just a happy little ball of energy. He loves to run, chase chickens and rabbits, climb, jump, throw balls, push people, it is just nonstop. Our house is filled with his happy little giggles all day long. He just loves to go to the park and play on the equipment. He will run to the “choo choo” and jump in it and wait for his ride to the park first thing in the morning. He just jumps up and down with joy when his shoes come out.

Favorite adult: Mom. He hangs around his momma all day, and hates when she tries to cook, talk to someone else, or give daddy a hug. No, Mommy!

Combat signature move: The Bowling Ball Head Butt: Oh yes, nothing works to scatter sisters who are holding cool toys like a running head start, then getting parallel to the ground and delivering a brutal NFL style spear to the face of the offending sister. We have to be on constant guard for that move from our happy little bully.


Nickname: None

Personality: Our little comedian. When Daddy goes to give her a kiss, invariably she gets a grin on her face throws up a elbow and starts fighting to run away. No hugs, no kisses, Daddy! She thinks it is hysterical. She is getting very verbal and loves to use her words to help discipline her siblings. She recently shouted, “‘Lissa (Melissa, one of the nannies) says no, Cyrus!” Well, said, daughter. Thanks for the assist. She also loves to run and play. She is kind of our tomboy, who does not care for frilly girly type clothes. She just loves to read books.

Favorite adult: Sammy. She will run to hug him the moment she sees him. We call Sammy her “Daddy”.

Combat finishing move: The Pit Bull Chomp: Ah, the shock and awe from sinking a full set of teeth into a sibling’s arm! Truly a fight ender. We are constantly inches away from her when she is around her siblings on guard for the deployment of this oh so effective tactic. She does a pretty fearsome beginning where she opens her jaw wide and grabs the opponent’s arm, so we have a split second to scream and/or grab her. Thankfully, even a loud yell breaks her concentration and she will stop on a dime.


Nickname: Bella Boo

Personality: Our sensitive little girly artist: She is always fearful, loves to draw and color, and loves to put on girlie clothes. She adores a little bracelet chain she wears constantly with a peace sign on it. She loves to be picked up and cuddle. She just started to walk and run instead of crawling.

Favorite adult: Daddy! She just can’t get enough…

Combat finishing move: The Pre-emptive Primal Scream: If her brother or sister is violating her personal space (which can vary from one inch to being in the same room) or expresses the slightest interest in a toy she is playing with, Bella can pre-emptively protect herself with a loud, heartrending scream guaranteed to bring an adult running in panic from any room in the house. A stunned and bewildered sibling is grabbed away, wondering what the hell that was all about.


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  1. Ahh that’s nana’s favorite lil angels 😊😍😘love them more and more each day !!!

  2. Georgann Greene permalink

    Your observations are very interesting. There is a vast academic literature regarding twins. I suspect that it is relatively small for triplets. It would be interesting to delve into the triplet studies.

  3. Georgann permalink

    It seems the babies were different almost as soon as they became aware of the world. It is delightful to witness their developing personalities. Thanks for sharing.

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