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Fun games to play with nineteen month olds

April 18, 2013

I thought I would share two games I have learned from trial and error that my babies just love to play. Maybe other people can enjoy playing them with their kids. They require no props, and my kids just crack up and ask through gestures to play them again and again.

“No, Don’t, Naughty!”: The kids just love this one. When I do it with them, they just crack up in spasms of laughter, rolling on the floor with giggles. I stare at an imaginary child in space. I scrunch my face up into the most extreme caricature of the judgmental angry parent I can. I waggle my finger of disapproval. Then, in the most melodramatic, slow, drawn out tone I can muster I say, “NOOO!” with an emphatic finger point, followed by “Doooon’t”, and then finally “Naaaaughty!” The key is to exaggerate the gestures like a cartoon. The kids, having seen all those gestures for real, immediately got the joke from the exaggeration, and now love to imitate me in effect imitating myself. Since it is always the same pattern, they can predict the next one, and they find that amazing.

The other game is called “Baby Zombie Apocalypse”: This one is simple too. I just start cowering in fear in a corner, shouting, “No, don’t eat me! Stay away! Please!” Again, I put on a face and voice of abject terror. Of course, being powerless little babies, they love seeing the tables turned and run towards me screaming and growling and making scary angry faces. I try to hide my face as they all jump on me and try to out do each other in their scariness. I fall helplessly to the floor on my back as the babies swarm me. Good times.

Enjoy. If you have games your babies like to play with you, put them in the comments section and I will try them out.


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  1. Georgann permalink

    What fun! You have budding drama students in your midst. Enjoy.
    Love, Mom

  2. Larissa permalink

    Awh I can just see it now, so precious and sounds like a lot of fun. I hope everyone is feeling better and doing well.

  3. Sounds great! Enjoy every minute 😍 they grow so fast!! Seems like yesterday Michelle was that small! Children love reading to them acting out the story in voice tone and expressions 😊enjoy! Glad to hear all the good news!! Hope alls well with everyone now😃 sick is no fun 😢
    Love you all more mom

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