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CrossFit 13.2 and self-esteem

March 29, 2013

I did the CrossFit 13.2 workout today. It is as many rounds as possible in ten minutes of: 5 overhead presses at 115 lbs., ten deadlifts at 115 lbs., and box jumps/step ups with a 24″ box. I did just four step ups short of four rounds. I was hustling to try to make the last round. I worked steadily throughout the workout except for one minor rest after the second round.

My goal lately is to reward myself with positive affirmations after my workout, instead of mentally punishing myself for not doing better. But still I have to fight the urge to tell myself, “You are a pathetic loser! If you worked out more, you would have done a lot better!” That negative self-talk is why I don’t work out more…


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  1. maybe it’s time you moved onto something better than crossfit benjamin… maybe it’s time you came to #swolefit

    • By the way, my readers who are into fitness should check out this site. It’s useful and very humorous. It does help, I think to inject some levity into what is for CrossFit just a deadly serious pursuit. I also like how it dials down the sort of cultish dedication to diet and rigorous training that some CrossFit adherents have.

      And before I get lots of negative comments from CrossFitters about me criticizing them putting their fitness before everything else in their life, let me just say if that makes you happy, go for it. If you need your life to revolve around super strict diets and workouts to failure and beyond, you go boy/girl! It just isn’t for me. Not at all…

      • Appreciate the support! Just want to help people get some good workouts (to get SWOLE of course), laugh a little, and have fun in the process

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