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The end of the story

March 28, 2013

The inevitable end of the sad and strange Assemblyman Steven Brooks saga has occurred. The Nevada Legislature, for the first time in history, voted to expel a member. It is tragic to see somebody spin out of control that fast. I gather those around him, his family, attorney and friends, tried to help him but he would not accept good advice. He assaulted his wife and grandmother, threatened his party leader, and refused to take a medical leave of absence his colleagues had strongly suggested, amongst many other bizarre moments. If you have to hit or threaten those around you who are trying to help you, clearly you have lost all good judgment. I have seen this before many times, unfortunately, and sometimes people have to lose it all and hit rock bottom before they realize that they need to change their lives.

So now Steven Brooks is just one more raving lunatic on the streets of Las Vegas, with no job, no family that will return his calls, and a name black as mud. As soon as the checks stop clearing, meaning now, his attorney will dump him. It’s a cold world out there at the bottom of the pecking order in Las Vegas. We will soon be reading about him getting stabbed at a cheap flophouse East of downtown or arrested for being drunk at a “local’s casino”…


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