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Milestones: Baby vocabulary

March 24, 2013

One or more of the babies can now say the following words: hug, please, thank you, share, no (pronounced with a long drawn out syllable and a firmly rounded mouth by Laila, as in “Nooooo!”), Dada, Mama, cold, hot, uh oh, ow, milk, toes, two.


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  1. Georgann Greene permalink

    Sounds like good progress. Dad

  2. The things they verbalize is only a fraction of what they comprehend. Most of what u tell them, they understand. Where’s ur baby? Time to go bye bye, or get ur shoes on. What milk? Hugs, kisses, nap time. Ect ect. Very smart babies. Progressing every day…

    • So true. For common statements like that which pertain to them, their understanding is total. Where is your bottle, baby? 😜

  3. Georgann permalink

    It is wonderful to hear they are progressing so well. Good job, Mom and Dad.
    Blessings to all, GG

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