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A weekend of music and children

March 17, 2013

This week was not a particularly good week for my hobbies. I had a lot of late nights at the office. And so I was not particularly ready for my lessons on Saturday. I had a huge mountain of German homework from my tutor that remained to be done, and I had practiced one measly hour on my accordion.

I could have just canceled my lessons, but I don’t want to live my life like that. So instead I jammed in about five hours of German study on Friday night and finished my homework. Saturday morning I took Erica, who lives with us now, and Jacob, who was visiting, to breakfast at a Mexican restaurant.

Then I went to LA. Jacob was nice enough to come and keep me company. I had a good German lesson. He said I was a joy to teach. Thank you, Sir. I headed over to my accordion teacher’s place an hour early and banged out an hour of practice before my lesson. The first thing my teacher asked my when I walked in was, “Did you practice?” I was honest and told him I had only gotten in an hour all week long, but that I had plans to make up for it this weekend. He replied, “I know you will.” He told me I was very diligent and responsible. Wag wag wag….

After my accordion lesson, I headed back home and did another hour and a half of practice. Sunday, it was back up in the morning to help my wife cook our traditional big weekend breakfast. This one featured lime green eggs and pancakes in honor of Saint Patrick’s Day.

After that, I took Tyler and Tayler to their cello and viola lessons. How are they doing, you ask? Well, according to their teacher, they are doing great. I am starting to wonder if positive reinforcement is not a key to success in the lesson business.

I came home and Jacob and I did a little improvisational jamming on his acoustic guitar and my accordion. It was very jazzy and actually sounded like music. The babies were enjoying our music and periodically joined us on the guitar, drums, and harmonica. It was cute. So I managed to get in another hour and a half of practice for a weekly total of six hours. I just need to structure it a little better from now on.

The babies are super cute. They love playing and having fun. It’s a good age. Tonight is family movie night: We will watch “Brave” together in honor of St. Parry’s Day. Yeah, it’s Scotland and not Ireland, but hey, it’s the spirit that counts.

And yes, my life is pretty corny, but I’m happy.

  1. Erica Greene permalink

    That sounds like a fantastic weekend dad. 🙂 lol I’ve been at your guys’s house for so long now that I woke up sunday morning at mom’s house for visitation and was temporarily confused on where I was. :p

  2. Jacob Greene permalink

    I had fun too dad! Too be honest, I’d love to be able to come with you more often on trips like that, it provides some great father/son time 😀 Love you guys, miss you all every day!

  3. Georgann permalink

    Time alone with each child is especially important in a big family. You are making each day count in your busy schedule. Good for you.
    Love, Mom

  4. Iva Gukeisen permalink

    Thank You So very much Ben for you and Your Blogs its made me feel very much A part of your family You and Mechelle and the Children we feel A Special Part of your family and the fact that you have made music and activities A part of your life is just Great
    Richest Blessings Aunt Vee and Uncle Jerry

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