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Organization is key

March 10, 2013

People’s reactions when I tell them I have baby triplets and nine children overall are funny. “Oh my God! How horrible! I feel so bad for you! It must be crazy at your house…” This can go on for minutes. “I would kill myself if I had that many children!”

It’s really not that bad. The four nannies we have help out a lot. Our kids are pretty well behaved. And now my wife has stepped her game up. She has been inspired by watching lots of the television show “Clean House”. She is organizing the various corners of our house, including her closet in the bedroom.

We also invested in an industrial-size washer and dryer, as well as a professional steam cleaner for the carpets. Those things make a big difference.

And now she has started preparing meals in advance. She bought a book and read it, and the ideas are pretty clever. She will take an afternoon with plenty of nanny coverage and when she feels energetic and go to the grocery store and buy lots of ingredients. Then she will chop them up and label and bag them. Each bag represents a meal. The labels will even have instructions on how to cook and combine the ingredients. Then she puts the bags in our industrial-size freezer.

Every night she takes a bag out and lets it thaw out. Then in the morning she throws it in the crock pot and lets it slowly cook all day. For dinner, add some rice or pasta and voila, magic!

It’s pretty important. Every day of the week, we are cooking for three adults, two or three teenagers, three little boys, and three toddlers. Without some advance planning, the situation easily can become, “Hey, what’s for dinner?” times twelve. Also, premade crock pot steak tips for twelve are way cheaper than throwing up your hands at 7:00 pm and ordering six pizzas. By planning in advance, she has cut our food budget in half.

Big props to the wife for taking the initiative to make these changes. Nobody could force her to take these steps.


  1. Thank you honey. It makes life so much easier on everyone. When everything is clean, has a home, and not spending hours a day after cranky teething/sick babies to be cooking. I’ve given myself all of 2013 to get the entire house purged and organized. Takes a lot of time, energy, and money to do such a large project. Been handling it space by space. Kids rooms have stayed cleaner, including the carpets. Bella doesn’t have dirty knees anymore. Lol so far I’ve accomplished two boy rooms, drawers in the kitchen, two nooks, and my closet. Not bad for being mid march lol. The dinners idea I got from a web site. 40 meals in 4 hours freezer crock pot meals. Which have been such a blessing of help on my end, plus all healthy and ready by dinner time. I have 18 meals I prepared to try it out. Those meals have lasted us so far 10 days this month, and still about 13-15 meals left. Some work great into a left over second meal. Plus putting us pretty close to a full month of meals all prepared in 1 day of actual prep work. For $300. A fraction of what our grocery bill was before. Thank you honey, glad to see u appreciate all my hard work n efforts. Kiss kiss

  2. Plus gotta give some props to the show clean house, they got some awesome organization ideas that have really helped in our home to:0)

  3. Georgann Greene permalink

    You cannot be too organized! Dad

  4. Aw . . . I come from a family of nine kids. I’m kid #2. I love big families! I’ve got 6 myself — so far. 😉 And I love my crock pot.

  5. Georgann Greene permalink

    Good for Michelle! The closet looks beautiful. Being on top of the meal preparations for all those people must make her popular with the troops. Its a big and ongoing job. I know the nannys are a hugh help, also. Great leadership and a dependable team make for smooth days and restful nights. Blessings to all, Love, Mom

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