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Party ’till you puke at the Hard Rock!

February 11, 2013

Mom, mom, I’m just kidding! We will be responsible. Just a joke, mom.
Anyway, my wife and I were having fun and decided to stay another night. Since it is a Monday night, we could stay anywhere. We picked the Hard Rock for a rock bottom $33.00. Wow, what a bargain!

I have never stayed here before. It’s pretty fun. The rooms are nice. Their room service features a whole line of S&M and sex toys. Unique. Not necessary, at our age.

Our room faces the pool, which would be more awesome if it wasn’t dark. But the view of the Strip skyline is still pretty awesome.

By the way, the clientele here on a dead Monday night where they are practically giving away the rooms is much different than on the weekends. The “MMA fighter and bimbo” couples you see strutting around here on the weekends are pretty much gone during the week. They couldn’t get time off from their jobs at the gym, I guess. It’s a lot less intimidating without all the ‘roided out “brahs” hanging out flexing in the lobby.






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  1. Ha ha ha!! To funny hun. I would of rated you out if u had. Lol plus posted pics lol ya great and unusual hotel. The room service ad was unique least to say. Too bad bed was way to soft for my messed up back.

  2. Georgann Greene permalink

    Thanks for letting me know you were just kidding. I don’t worry when Michelle is with you. I know you will take good care of each other.
    Hugs, Mom

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