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The Trump Hotel, Las Vegas

February 7, 2013

Let me just start this review by saying I have lost a lot of respect for Donald Trump over the last year. I once bought and read his autobiography and considered him somewhat of a hero of mine. However, his clownish behavior in the last election really turned me off. Becoming the leader of the tinfoil-hat birther conspiracy wing of the Republicans? That made no sense for a shrewd businessman like him.
However, I have learned that doing business with someone does not involve either liking them or approving of them. Those criteria don’t even enter the picture in my job.
And thank God, or we would have missed out on a great deal at the Trump Tower in Las Vegas. A huge one bedroom suite midweek for $150 including tax, with a panoramic view of the Strip? Awesome. If we had spent $50 more we could have gotten a 1000 square foot, two bedroom corner suite right out of the movies. I just didn’t need that level of luxury. When I think about what kind of room I have stayed in for $150 in the past, I just shake my head. The Wynn, an equally fine hotel across the strip, is running for $318 for a standard room tonight.
This tower was built as a residential condominium tower. But since expensive condos in Vegas really crashed after the housing bust, they turned it into partly a luxury hotel. The Donald’s pain is our gain.
And the employees here are trained to be super gracious. They bend over backwards to be friendly.
We have reservations at Sam’s Town for the rest of the trip. It’s normally pretty grim there, but after staying here? It will be like going from eating ice cream to eating liver.





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