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The triplets go on an outing to some stores

January 27, 2013










  1. They had a wonderful trip enjoying the scenery while driving to tinkering on the piano and admiring all the rows of toys. Love em sooo much! So blessed with so many grands! Thanks Michelle and Ben 😘 love ya all more mom & dad

  2. Georgann Greene permalink

    Looks like everyone had a great time seeing the big world. I miss everyone. Enjoy!

  3. Even crazier is we didn’t get not 1 rude comment about omg triplets!!! U must want to hang yourself. Lol they all did great out. Cyrus was zzzz by the ride home. Boy needs his rest. Even got to pick out a book at the toy store. And who doesn’t love a music store filled with things to bang on that makes sound. Lol

  4. Btw just the story of how it came all 3 into going. Started out with only gonna take 1 baby. I asked who wanted their shoes on. Waited… Bella comes knee walking over. Lol sits and puts her toes out. Ok Bella it is. Then… Cyrus seeing what’s going on…. Comes and sits down next to Bella and puts his toes out.. Ok… Guess two coming…. Lastly Laila wasn’t gonna be left behind so she comes over and puts her feet out. Everyone wants shoes on. They all know what shoes mean. Either outside in the yard chasing chickens and trying to grab bunnies. Or a car ride. Either way we wanna go.

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