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More cooperative baby play

January 20, 2013





From → My children

  1. They played so well together tonight. Laila was helping me push Cyrus in his car. We were chasing Bella in her car as tayler pushed her. While Joey and Tyler both drove the babies other cars, and destiny would jump out and scare them. All 7 kids playing so great together. Only missing 1 daddy. Lol then Cyrus had to have a diaper change. So Laila took that opportunity to jump in the car. So of course Cyrus, with the 1 track mind he’s got, after his diaper change went back to his car to find his sister in it. Did that stop him from getting in? No!!! He climbed right in on top of her. So I helped them sit next to each other, barely… And pushed them to continue their chase of Bella, and brothers. Lol giggling up a storm. Lol Cyrus only looks slightly fussy in pic as the car stopped so I could take a pic. Lol

    • 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘 so much fun !!! That car pic brings back memories of twins pics in those canopy cars and the squabbles of who gets to sit by the door LOL and turning the corner to find baby Joey up on top of the canopy car ! Climbed up all by himself.
      Too darn cute !!

  2. Priceless looks !!!! Love it 😄😃😘

  3. Georgann Greene permalink

    These photos are adorable. Such darlings! They make me laugh.
    Blessings to all,
    Grandma G.

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