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Bumps on the road to perfection…

December 26, 2012

So, as I mentioned yesterday, my bass developed a huge crack in the spine. Not good. I took it back to the store, where they let me know that (1) they had seen the crack before I bought it but sold it to me anyway because it was much smaller (2) they had failed to mention it to me when they sold me the bass (3) they acknowledged the crack was a serious structural defect and (4) they would be happy to fix it. For $300.

Uh, I don’t think that’s fair. I would not have bought the bass if they would have pointed out to me it was cracked. Period.

I left the shop with a beat up loaner and they promised they would try to work it out. I was polite, but I let them know I didn’t want to pay for repairs that pre-existed my purchase and that they had neglected to mention.  I hope they do work with me on this.

I am a great customer of theirs, by the way. Despite our seeming failure to reach a perfect agreement today, I bought some new music books and strings for our guitars. I also rented Tayler a viola. He has been mentioning his desire to play an instrument. Since they do offer lessons on string instruments and they do rent them as well, it seemed like an obvious solution. I encouraged Tayler to try the viola because no one else plays it in our large family. For both psychological and musical reasons I want to have a variety of instruments our family plays.

These type of things usually work themselves out. It is in both of our interests to continue to do business together.


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