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A Christmas of music

December 25, 2012

We all went as a family up to Lemoore for a big Christmas party, then came back the same night. Thank you to Michelle’s family for showing us a good time. The kids all had fun, but the babies were exhausted from all the attention. Today, Erica and Jacob came over. Erica and I played violin and accordion together. I chose some easier pieces and we sounded really good. Then Jacob showed us his mad cello skills.

Unfortunately, my brand new double bass has developed a huge crack, right in the solid wood centerpiece. So, I will take it back into the music shop where I bought it tomorrow and ask them to please fix it. It has been played all of ten days and cracked already. Not good.


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  1. Oh wow you must have been rockin’ that bass! 😛 hey but good luck on getting it fixed! Merry Christmas!

  2. It was great being able to take the babies to see all the family. We don’t get to all get together that often. Kids love playing with their cousins. They all miss each other between the holidays. We really should make regular trips to let them spend time together growing up. Everyone enjoyed themselves. It was good to see how comfortable the babies were there. As they don’t get out much. But even strange faces they hadnt seen in a while, they cuddled right up to. Even walking around the house, without being attached to my leg, which is what a lotta kids their age do in environments they don’t remember. Not especially Cyrus. What can I get into? Lol and was happy to see my sister n brother in law n her kids. Don’t get to see them often either. They ate till their tummies were full, played till they lost their drive…. Opened gifts… Song songs… Couldn’t get any better. Oh wait, ya it did… Booked our ✈🗼 he he he

    • Yes it was a wonderful time had by all!! Was so much FUN : all the family big and small, food, kids singing Christmas songs to the kids FINIALLY getting to open their gifts. I thank God everyday to be so blessed with such a wonderful family!! Love you all more and more mom & dad

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