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Doing something together

December 9, 2012

Michelle and I are going to take the Pimsleur German audio course together. Why? Well, there are several reasons:

1. We are both part German, so it is a forgotten part of our heritage.

2. Berlin is the world capital of art and culture. I was reading an article about it and I was fascinated by how much culture is in one city. 150 museums, 50 theaters, three symphonies, two opera houses? Wow! I don’t think LA, New York and Chicago, combined, have that level of culture. Certainly Berlin would blow away LA. We would love to visit there some day.

3. Germany has a rich and varied history, and is a safe and polite country that welcomes visitors.

4. We really don’t do that much together. We wanted to have something we could both learn from scratch. We can practice by speaking to each other.

5. We would like to teach our children a foreign language. It makes them smarter when they grow up.

6. While perhaps not as easy as Spanish or Italian, it is supposedly much easier than Russian or Chinese.

7. German is a language that has a rich history in movies and film, making it much easier to practice than many others.

So hey, let’s have some fun and learn something new.

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