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Milestone: Cyrus says a whole sentence

November 25, 2012

Cyrus said a whole sentence today: “I gon’ get you!’ That’s the phrase we all use when we play chase with him, so naturally he learned it first. He just loves to be chased around the house frantically crawling while his pursuer crawls after him. Cyrus will frequently stop to check if you are following. Then you make eye contact with him and say, in your scariest voice, “I’m gon’ get you!” He squeals and starts crawling as fast as possible again. Good times.


From → My children

  1. He’s also been walking a lot today. Nearly running. He’s so proud of himself when he does it to. Soon they all will be running all over. He’s so adorable. They all are. Such loving cuddle bugs.

  2. 😍So much fun watching the lil ones interact with each other. I think Nathan was so PROUD cuz he was the BIG boy. The 3 cousins were studying Nathan’s every move. How’s he running like that ??? Humm how do I copy that now ……then my strong lil Cyrus pushing Nathan on his car !!! My lil warrior !!
    😍😍😍words just can’t express the love a grandparent has for all the grands 😘😘😘

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