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The accordion cometh

November 23, 2012

Well, my new accordion arrived. First impressions?

Pro: It has a nice sound. The keyboard for the right hand makes it a simple way to play notes that is familiar from the piano. I am having fun playing it. Because it does use the piano keyboard, I could play “Oh Come All Ye Faithful” straight through the first practice using the melody only.

Con: It is a big heavy beast of an instrument. I don’t know what I was expecting, but it is bigger than I had expected, and fairly heavy. I have to play the keys and buttons “blind”, since I can’t see them. At least it will help me start playing by ear. Working the bellows smoothly so as to not interrupt the flow of the music is a bit more challenging than I had imagined.

Overall, though, I found it a fun instrument with a very interesting sound. It will not be difficult to at least reach functional competency on it and sound like I am playing music. Jacob brought his guitar and we were playing “It’s a Wonderful World” together during my first practice. How long would it take me to learn to play that piece on the violin, even using sheet music? I have no idea, but months probably.


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  1. Georgann Greene permalink

    I think this may be the instrument for you, at last!

  2. Jacob Greene permalink

    Keep faith in it dad! Once you learn it be ear, you’ll be able to discern which notes are which, and then later even be able to tell what cords your hearing! Cant wait to practice with you again.

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