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Let’s put in some work

November 18, 2012

Well, since I am so into music, I figured it is time to roll up my sleeves and put in some effort: I am learning to read music and reading a book on music theory. It is work, not fun. I have an app where I just “name that note” over and over again until hopefully it becomes second nature. I am also learning all about the Circle of Fifths and chord progressions. Hey, sometimes progress takes work, and music will be a lot easier to understand if I actually knew what I was doing.
In addition, one fun fact about studying and learning to play the piano accordion is you essentially get two instruments for the price of one. Since the accordion is designed to be similar to the piano, learning the right hand on the piano is practicing for the accordion as well. So, time to get out that keyboard Tayler isn’t using and put it to work. Also, every piece if sheet music printed can be found in a piano-ready form. If I can learn the piano, I can play basically anything. And since accordion music is scored the same way, I almost have to do so.
Interestingly, I am coming full circle: I played piano an hour a day for years as a kid. They say you never truly forget anything, that we all have everything we have ever learned hidden in our mind somewhere, waiting to be discovered. I guess I will test that theory.
The piano is to music what drawing is to art: It is the basic skill from which other skills branch out.


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  1. I so agree about the piano. Players who have a feel for harmony seem to interpret the parts I write more ‘intelligently’ for lack of a better word.

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