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I don’t want to be third

November 13, 2012

Something occurred to me today: I have a very talented family, musically. I will never be able to play the violin like my daughter Erica or Georgann, my mother. I will never be able to play the guitar like Jacob, my son, or Michael, my father in law. Jacob and Tyler already play the cello. Destiny and Michelle play the clarinet. At first, this is frustrating. All the popular instruments are taken. I don’t want to have my relatives listen to me play and think, “Nice, but he is no (fill in the blank here).” I never want to be at the back of the crowd. Not in life, not in music.

So, I am going to take up an instrument that no one else plays: The accordion. Yes, the accordion. I already listen to the music of DeVotchka and Gogol Bordello, two Eastern European flavored bands that feature the accordion prominently in their music. I have visited and enjoyed the music of Turkey and Russia, two countries in which it is a popular instrument. And, best of all, I will be on my first day the best accordion player in the family. And yes, I realize I might be nuts.


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  1. You are so competitive. Lol doesn’t matter who plays what. It matters that u enjoy yourself in the process. But I’ll support u either way. Ur my #1 honey… Xoxo

  2. Georgann Greene permalink

    I see your point. It is important to find the right instrument. Then you will buckle down and make it your own. Your six years of piano lessons as a child should be helpful. The accordian is a great solo instrument and also works well with other instruments. Good luck with this new adventure.
    Love, Mom

  3. Ben you didn’t tell us you played piano. That’s awesome 😃😃love you more 😀

  4. Donald Greene permalink


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