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Our first lessons

November 11, 2012

Tyler had his first cello lesson and I had my first violin lesson today. It was fun for both of us, and very productive. We worked hard and learned a lot. We are both exhausted. It takes a lot of concentration to play an instrument for an hour. By the way, my teacher let me know why it is so difficult for me to play single notes on my violin, apart from my incompetence: My violin strings are extremely close together, making it difficult to play. I have to let up on the neck to play the neighboring string since my fingers will not fit without touching it, for instance. And there is no room for error with the bow. But it will serve nicely as a country fiddle, since I can play chords using two or three strings easily, so it has it’s advantages.

I have lots of things to practice. Our instructor offered to help us with any music that we want to learn to play. Our first pieces, “Over the Rainbow”:

I will play the ukelele part on my banjo. It will be awesome.

And  “Everybody Cries”, by R.E.M.:

I want to record it with the violin, banjo, harmonica, and cello.


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  1. Georgann Greene permalink

    Hi Ben, I am pleased you and Tyler had rewarding lessons today. The two pieces you are working on sound like real winners! I am excited you are working together on your goals. This will be a great incentive for you both to practice separately and then as a duo. This is a big step in launching your musical avocations. Have fun! The cartoon was cute. I’ll bet the children all laughed. Love, Mom

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