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Fun with the fiddle

November 10, 2012

Well, after an exhausting day of practice, I can finally play my first piece, “Ida Red”. It is a simple country tune, but hey, I did it in one day and I can play it by ear. It’s music. Boy, I am tired. It takes a lot of concentration to play the violin. It took me all day working on it to get it. If the bow is off by just a hair it is impossible to get a good sound. I am definitely done with messing around with different instruments. I am determined to settle down with the banjo and the violin and make some old-time music. Irish music and bluegrass are just a step away.

This instrument is teaching me patience, by the way. I can only play a few seconds and I have to take a break. My body can’t hold the position and my mind can’t concentrate for very long. By comparison, the banjo is a snap.

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  1. Georgann Greene permalink

    My goodness, I am so impressed with your amazing determination when you set your mind on a goal. Good for you. I am anxious to hear you play. I don’t know that tune. I might know some others that you learn. It will be fun to play a few tunes together.
    Love, Mom

  2. Excellent !!! 😃Was happy to hear everyone’s new songs of progress 🎻🎶🎶 keep it up love you all more mom & dad
    PS thanks for a wonderful weekend !!!!

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