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Milestones: It’s tantrum time!

November 9, 2012

Laila and Cyrus have discovered the joy of the tantrum. If anything happens in life you don’t like, don’t take that crap laying down! Put on your angry face, scream bloody murder, kick and slap wildly! Resist, revolt, rebel, rise up!

Of course, Mom, the nannies, and I fail to see the joy in this behavior. We are working hard to correct it.

Cyrus is the most focused little boy. When he wants something, he pursues it relentlessly through every obstacle. Who does that remind you of? He also gets frustrated and yells when he can’t figure out how to get a toy to play right. Where does he get that?


From → My children

  1. Donald Greene permalink

    Welcome to the terrible twos?

  2. Georgann Greene permalink

    Ah, the joys and challenges of little ones. It is good you have a sense of humor and can identify with their frustrations. Both of those qualities come in handy in raising children.
    Love, Mom

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