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November 6, 2012

Joseph and I are starting violin lessons this Sunday. “The violin?”, you ask. Yes. My vision of our family band is now a “string band” playing bluegrass and old time music. The cello (Tyler), the violins (Joseph and me), and the banjo (me), will fit right in. I am trying to get Tayler keyboard lessons even though that instrument doesn’t quite fit my vision. I realize the violin has a reputation as being an extremely difficult instrument to play, but I hope I can get it down on at least a basic level. There is so much beautiful music that can be played on a violin in so many different styles. Bluegrass, gypsy, classical, on and on. I even saw a “dubstep” violinist on Youtube yesterday. And, unlike, say, the banjo, it is easy to find a teacher to learn the violin from since it is such a popular and versatile instrument.

My “vision” of what kind of music I would like to play is becoming clearer. I love my banjo and I practice it every day. I hope I can add the violin to my abilities.

By the way, if you would like to see what a master can do with a cello and violin, check out this Youtube video of a guy playing Passacaglia aka “The Impossible Duet” by Handel-Halvorsen. It’s amazing.


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