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The CrossFit Self-Defense Seminar

November 4, 2012

I went to a self defense seminar put on by SPEAR and CrossFit yesterday. It was very well done overall. The material was very original and practical. It would be of good use if I ever have to defend myself in a fight. There was a little bit of excess machismo that detracted from the quality of the seminar, unfortunately. But the bottom line is it was good.
Michelle and I needed a get away badly. First, the Halloween party with the angry people, then the babies getting sick, then the Internet trolls, then more issues that required police intervention, then Michelle getting sick, plus my trial: the toughest week ever. Just brutal stress.
We stayed at the Marriott at Warner Center. Nice place, and not too expensive. We needed the break. We ate at a Russian place last night that was very authentic, complete with cheesy 80’s German disco videos playing on the TV. Definitely different from Bakersfield.


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  1. Nice! I hope Michelle’s feeling better 😘 have a nice day 😃 love you guys more mom

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