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So, how is it going?

November 2, 2012

A month ago I tried a more disciplined approach to my hobbies of working out and playing my instruments. That is good, but I am trying to temper that with an attitude of joy and fun. Playing a musical instrument or exercising should be joy, not drudgery. So I am trying to view it as an escape. The trial I just finished was a very stressful distraction that threw me off my routine, but that’s ok: I am still making good progress. I have decided to focus most of my energy on playing the banjo. The other instruments are just for fun. The banjo itself takes a lot of concentration.

Taking this blog private is kind of odd. It’s weird to think no one might read this other than me. But it’s better than having random angry people say mean things about sick babies.


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  1. Good luck to ya on the banjo : ) love ya more mom

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