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Back to three for good

October 27, 2012

I turned in the double bass today, but I picked up an acoustic guitar. To explain why, there are about five thousand tabbed songs for banjo on the most popular site. There are 300,000 tabbed songs for guitar on the most popular online site. Therefore, there are lots of songs that I want to play that I can’t on the banjo, unless I get good enough to play by ear. That isn’t happening anytime soon. However, I can play them easily on the guitar once I figure it out. Yes, it’s a lot to study, but it is my passion now. I spend all my free time studying my music, so what the heck.

You watch, I am going to someday be fantastic at all three instruments. I am smart enough, driven enough, and I have the resources. I will do it.

By Christmas of 2016, I want to play these solo pieces on the harmonica: “Your Funeral, My Trial” and “Nine Below Zero” by Sonny Boy Williamson, two classic blues songs.

By Christmas of 2016, I want to play these pieces on the guitar: “Hurt” by Johnny Cash, a classic country song, and “Redemption Song” by Bob Marley, a famous reggae tune.

By Christmas of 2016, I want to be able to play these pieces on the banjo: “Amongst the Stones” by Breaking Grass, a bluegrass group, and “Shortbread”, a traditional tune. (But not as good as Flat and Scruggs play it in the clip.)

I swear I am done switching instruments. I am going to stick with these three. I will post videos when I have met my goals showing me playing these classic works.


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  1. U have my full support honey. It really is trial and error to figure out what instrument fits your passion. And really your passion is playing music. Really who can judge off that? Less than $100 (not exactly your trip to Paris). I know people that spend more on their jeans or shoes than the cost if the guitar. And ur goals are very moderate. Bass was just hard for you to really get into. And a very physically heavy instrument that limited u to where u could practice or even transport it to play. Guitar is very versatile. And sounds beautiful to me. Love you honey. U and all the kids have my support in learning instruments. As there’s a bigger picture with adding learning instruments then the dollar value of the actual instrument. Teaches even the children ways of relieving stress, that peace that music brings inside, a sense of accomplishment in life when learning that first and then second song. A sense of pride. And it really does enrich their lives, so much better than staring into space playing video games. And something bringing a the family to a “common” interest. Love you honey. U have my full support. Muah!!

  2. Georgann Greene permalink

    Michelle is always so dear about supporting you with your interests. That is a very enduring quality she has. You are a lucky guy.
    Love, Mom

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