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Milestones: Our babies are getting pretty smart and agile

October 23, 2012

Laila surprised and scared her mother by suddenly starting to climb. Her mom was cleaning the tray on her high chair and suddenly saw Laila climbing up on the counter. She had used the high chair as a ladder. She lost her balance and fell and her mother barely caught her in mid-air. Wheh!

Cyrus is a smart little boy. He can now fill a cup with water in the tubby. He also plays a game with himself. He will shut the shower door while he is taking a tubby, sit down on the floor and have a good scared cry, then open it up again, smile at his mom, and repeat the cycle. It’s like watching a scary movie for him. It’s pretty funny.


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  1. They are all amazingly smart for a year old. Cyrus may even out best Laila at this point on walking. He’s done about 3 steps at a time, but it’s the way he does it. No fear and not cautious. He just goes. The fear holds Laila back. No careful with walking, but not scared enough to climb up on the counter and give me a mild heart attack. Lol as long as she waits another 6 months before learning to climb out of the crib, I’m good. Lol Cyrus has also learned to say bear last night. Along with taking 3 steps on his own when nobody (so he thought) was watching. Stands all the time without help. Even I see Bella testing the waters on letting go of things to stand. They all turning into toddlers big time. The way they play together. Share their bottles. Lol take toys from one another. Temper tantrums. Oh ya…. Terrible twos and horrible threes here we come. Lol but it all makes up for it with the many kisses and cuddles they give me every day. Even Laila makes a point to give me morning kisses every am.

  2. Georgann Greene permalink

    You do have your hands full. I keep all of you in my prayers everyday. I am so anxious to see everyone during the holidays, especially the babies. They are changing and growing by leaps and bounds–literally.
    Love and blessings,

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