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The magic of music

October 21, 2012

Sometimes I just like to record things in my blog so that I will not forget them. Today Joseph and I spent an hour or so playing percussion for the babies. He played the buffalo drum while I played various percussion instruments. We sounded pretty good. The babies danced along and played with their toys while they listened. I am glad my idea is paying off.

By the way, Tyler frequently practices his cello on his own without being asked. Between me and him there is a lot of music in the house. Now Joseph says he wants to learn the trumpet and Tyler says he wants to learn the tuba. I figure tuba, trumpet, cello and banjo are the beginning of a good Dixieland jazz band. Now maybe if I get Bella to learn the fiddle, Laila to sing, and Cyrus to play drums we would be awesome.


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  1. Georgann Greene permalink

    A musical family is the best. I am happy to hear Tyler is practicing his cello regularly. I am still hoping to get in on a family jam or two when we are in town. I am bringing my violin with me for the holidays.
    Love, Mom

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