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Music appreciation

October 20, 2012

One side effect of studying a particular type of music is that you discover gems of amazing talent in that genre. Since I am working on the banjo and harmonica, I watch a lot of “roots” music on Youtube, including blues, ragtime, bluegrass, jazz, and music from the period of American history before jazz in the nineteenth century. I stumbled accross a band that plays the most amazing music from the black Southern rural population of America called the Carolina Chocolate Drops. Much of their music features period instruments like a fiddle, a banjo, jugs and “bones”. (These are cattle rib bones that are played as percussive instruments.) Their musical skills and overall abilities are nothing short of breathtaking, and they are performing a valuable service by keeping alive music that would otherwise be totally lost and forgotten. They won a Grammy for best Traditional Folk Album in 2011.

Check them out:

“Hit ‘Em up Style”:

“Genuine Negro Jig”:


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