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My newest love

October 7, 2012

Sometimes, things happen you just can’t explain. There is a fundamental attraction that can’t be put in words.

I went to Guitar Center tonight. I gave in against my better judgement and bought a cheap $6.00 Horner Bluesband C harmonica. I just wanted to play with it. I figured if it was worthless, heck, I have thrown away a lot more on a lot less in this life.

Well, I love it. I am absolutely obsessed. I found a site with over 16,000 annotated harmonica songs on it. I can’t wait to really master this instrument and start sounding good. I didn’t have time for the drum this week like I had planned, but I have been very consistent with the hour for the double bass. I play half the time arco (with the bow) and half pizzicato (plucking). The harmonica I can do for an hour a day just having fun. I want to bring it to my work and practice during my lunch hour. My goal is to stand out on the street and actually publicly play the upright bass and the harmonica. I won’t even put out a hat for donations. I just don’t want people to be mean to me. It’s a small goal.

Oh, and in a year I would like to be good enough to play in a church band. Again, it’s a safe environment where people will not throw objects at me if they don’t like my music. It’s a small goal, but it is mine.


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  1. Georgann Greene permalink

    A church band that accompanys a choir is a great idea. The double bass would be welcome in most instrumental groups. The harmonica can be used with sacred music occasionally. Other ideas for venues to play would be farmer’s markets and nursing homes for seniors. You’ll have fun checking out the possibilities.
    Love, Mom

    • I like the fact that the double bass has a nice mellow sound that complements all kinds of traditional music forms, from gospel to bluegrass to country to the blues to jazz. It’s a very versatile instrument. The harmonica is less so, but I like the fact that it gives me some opportunities to play melody roles at times as well.

  2. Lynn Metzler permalink

    We really enjoyed listening to your harmonica playing!! BABIES ENJOYED TOO ! Looking forward to hearing more ! Love you more hon, mom

  3. Donald Greene permalink

    The harmonica sounds like a great idea!

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