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Practice makes perfect

September 27, 2012

I have been bitten by the music bug hard. I have stopped studying Italian, since it looks like I won’t be taking any big vacations for a long time. It just didn’t seem practical anymore. I have approached my double bass studies more seriously. Since my fingers have toughened up a little, I can do an hour of practice every night, broken up into one half hour block doing pizzicato (plucking technique), then a rest, then another half hour working on my arco technique (using the bow).

Oh, and one more thing: I am going to start playing the djembe, an African drum, for half an hour every night. In addition to giving me another instrument, it will help with my rythm. I am, in a sense, majoring in the double bass and minoring in the djembe drum. I know with discipline I will improve on both. I am also listening to the jazz stations on my Pandora app when I drive. It is inspiring me to be a musician some day.

  1. Erica Greene permalink

    Wow well if you keep that up you’ll get to be a pro in no time! 10,000 hr rule! 😛

  2. Georgann Greene permalink

    Wonders never cease. My son, the musician! I am happy to hear you are working on the bow technique as well as the plucking. It makes the music making so much more interesting. Dad and I went to a gypsy jazz concert last week. Great talents playing as a group make for delightful listening. I am thrilled you are enjoying good music. May it bring you pleasure and inner peace.
    With Love and Blessings,

  3. Lynn Metzler permalink

    Good job, practice makes perfect !! Love ya more mom

  4. You will be pro before you know it. Always with your dedication to things you commit yourself to. Jazz is so much better than Howard stern anyways. Lol

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