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I wanna play too!

September 19, 2012

I have three children who are learning to play instruments: Erica on the violin, Jacob on the guitar, and Tyler on the cello. I was jealous of them. Why don’t daddies get to have some fun?
So I rented a double bass. I can already play scales and my goal is to practice half an hour a day.
I have been watching the PBS documentary on jazz, and it is very inspiring.



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  1. Georgann Greene permalink

    I must say the double bass really looks good on you. I am happy to hear you are having success so far. Playing with others enhances the musical experience. I hope you get good enough that you can make music with the kids. Maybe you and I should work on something together during the holiday season. I hope Tyler is inspired to practice at lease 20 minutes a day several days a week also. Love, Mom

  2. Lynn Metzler permalink

    You ll have a band going pretty soon : ) MUSIC A GIFT FOR LIFE : ) love u all more mom

  3. Tayler greene permalink

    That is the biggest instument I’ve ever seen!

  4. Lynn Metzler permalink

    Hey Ben check out dead mans poison on u tube. A buddy of ours Dustin, plays stand up bass. Tommy in the mandolin, Ryan lead singer. It’s a really awesome group. They are fast becoming well know. Won local and district contests if they win in November up at coos bay they go to Nashville.

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