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R.I.P., Lucky

September 15, 2012

Lucky was meowing this morning, loudly. Her eyes were dilated, she was panting, and she was dragging a leg. Larissa was nice enough to come in and she and Joseph took her into the vet.
The news was very bad. She has a clot in her artery coming out of her heart. It had totally cut off circulation to her legs. Her back legs were paralyzed and cold. It was essentially incurable. Even the best efforts of modern veterinary medicine would only serve to prolong her life at great financial cost and with tremendous suffering for only a short period of time. She had to be put down.
I remember when I first met her. Erica brought her to my house as a little girl when Lucky was just a kitten. I had just moved into an apartment after my separation from Lori, my ex wife. She told me she had gotten her off a playground where she had seen children teasing her as a little kitten. She knew I needed a friend. This was in the fall of 2003 or 2204. Erica was about nine or ten years old.
In the first few years, Lucky and I were tremendously close. I had no one else to love. She just loved being in the old apartments on Fruitvale when I was single. Lots of other cats to play with, trees to climb, birds to catch in the trees. She was very happy. She would climb into my bed and we would cuddle. I would scratch every part of her face and she would just purr as loudly as she could, her eyes closed in pure bliss. We were extremely close.
When I moved to my bigger house in the Southwest, her life changed. The boys paid a lot of attention to her. My attention was divided between little boys, my wife, the chickens and eventually the triplets. I didn’t pet or cuddle her as much as I used to. She had both a “boyfriend” cat she would spend time with as well as a rival enemy cat she would fight. She would do predatory behavior towards juvenile chickens, but she was scared of the full grown ones. She was somewhat fearful to go outside.
However, last week I did pet her and cuddle her when she approached me as I was sitting on the red couch. I noticed that her purr seemed very soft compared to what it had been. Michelle and I also noticed that she had not been taking care of herself as much lately. Her fur was dirty. She had not been cleaning herself like usual. In hindsight, it was a symptom of her system winding down. I also noticed her playing outside less and less.
Our boys are going to be devastated. Even Laila, our little cat fan, will miss her. Goodbye, Lucky.

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  1. Today was a very mixed bag of emotions. Joey was there with her to give her a hug before having to saying good bye. Never easy to let go a pet that’s been with u for years. Joseph was a strong boy. Heart broken of course naturally. Going with her to the vet and ultimately having to say good bye. He gave her a hug and love, while wiping his years away.. She had a lotta love in her life. The kids will miss her.

  2. Georgann Greene permalink

    Thank you Ben for telling us about your special friendship with dear little Lucky. I was always grateful that Michelle and the children were so king in welcoming her into their hearts. Special hugs to Joseph for being the family representitive to be with her at the end to say good bye. I was so pleased to see how comfortable she had become with the triplets when I visited in June. She walked around where they were on the floor and gave me a hug. She was coming to say good bye to you too, Ben, when she approached you on the couch. Animals seem to know when the end is near. She was a darling and will be missed. I loved her.

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