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The agony and the ecstasy

September 13, 2012

Cyrus enjoys his bath time way more than any grown up ever could. It is the highlight of his day. If you start to run the water in the tub, he crawls over just as fast as he can move and starts trying to strip his clothes off and jump into the tub. He just giggles with excitement.

He also enjoys the bathing experience in every sensory way. He loves the echo his voice makes when he screams. He loves the percussive sounds when he jumps up and down and when he pounds his hands on the side of the tub. He loves to splash the water and to run it in his hair and all over his face and body. He smells the soap, chews the bath toys, eats the bubbles, and yes, gulp, drinks the bathwater. It is truly a feast for all of his little senses.

However, to every cute baby story there is a dark side. When I jumped in the shower yesterday while watching Cyrus, he flipped his tiny little wig. He pounded on the glass with chubby little hands. He put his mouth up to the glass and tried to project the sound waves from his screaming right through my body. It just enraged him to no end that I would enjoy a delicious shower without inviting him to come play. Selfish bastard. When he realized I could care less, he sat on the floor and gave the longest, loudest cries you have ever heard in your life. His screams of rage and frustration just filled the entire house.

Similarly, Bella just goes into orbit when she sees me. She just bounces off the ground in joy, excitement, and wonder. Her huge grin just screams, “Pick me up! Oh God, please pick me up! PLLEEEEEASE!” It is gratifying to see a little creature love me so much. Unfortunately, sometimes I can’t pick her up right then. Or, inevitably, the time comes when I have to put her down. And the wild screaming begins. The sorrow, the epic heartbreak! It’s sad.

  1. Tayler greene permalink


  2. That all is very accurate. Many times he ends up in the shower. Lol he just loves them. He can easily take 3 a day and be a happy baby. With the way they eat, not such a bad thing either. Lol better than Bella who still struggles with sitting in the tubby. Our little boneless chicken. They will enjoy their time with nana n papa this weekend. Great art to btw honey.

  3. Lynn Metzler permalink

    Ahhh adorable enjoy they grow up fast love you all more mom

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