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The children’s personalities at a year old

September 5, 2012

Each of the babies has their own fully formed little personality. Each has their own likes and dislikes, habits, and routines.

Cyrus is our little rambunctious boy. He loves rough, masculine play. If the older boys are playing keep away from each other with a ball or swinging on the rope in the front room, he is fascinated. If they are playing with their action figures, he wants to play with them. He just loves getting naked and jumping in the tubby for a bath. He splashes like crazy and makes a little “fierce warrior” face where he scrunches up his nose and pants out his mouth. It is so cute! He is very compassionate. When his sisters cry, her crawls right over with a worried look on his little face and starts patting them.

He just hates diaper changes. You can tell it just drives him nuts. He hates getting dressed, too. And when it comes to bed time, Cyrus fights the Sandman every inch of the way, surrendering only reluctantly and with much drama. Cyrus is very devoted to his mother and to his brothers.

Laila is always happy. She has the sweetest little grin on her face constantly. If you talk to her, she will reward you with a smile of pure joy, every time. She loves to show off her ability to stand upright, without assistance. She carefully uses her hands to balance and looks around for praise. She can use a walker to walk carefully across the room. She also looks around to make sure no one is watching if she is about to do something naughty. She loves chasing the cat and calling her one word “Cat! Cat! Cat!” She just loves to yell and sing loudly and does it all day.

Speaking of which, she is our devotee of slapstick humor. It just cracks her up to no end to give a good hard yank on her little sister’s hair or slap her Dad in the face as hard as possible. She enjoys screaming in Cyrus’ face and watching him cry. If she has a bottle to drink, she will still take away her siblings’ bottles just to be mean. We are trying to teach her right from wrong and encourage good behavior. She feels the most affinity for Sammy. Her face just lights up when Sammy enters the room. She is not wild about baths, but doesn’t just hate them either.

Bella is our serious little artistic girl. She is very cautious and easily frightened. She is very detail-oriented and will study things like her hands, examining every aspect of them. She rarely smiles, and even then it is just a small smile as opposed to Laila and Cyrus’ toothy grins. She is reserved and dislikes loud play and busy environments. She just has wild spasms of joy if she sees me and begs me with her eyes to pick her up and cuddle her. She screams in frustration every time I walk past her and don’t pick her up or when I put her down. She enjoys most being me and listening to Italian while playing with me quietly on the floor. She can entertain herself by just shaking an object. She will quietly sing to me if we are alone and she feels secure.


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  1. Georgann Greene permalink

    Hi Ben,
    Thanks for the personality parade of the one year olds. They are all darlings. Their petting zoo birthday party sounds like the best first birthday celebration ever. I can’t wait to see your pictures of the big event.
    Love, Mom

  2. So very accurate. Cyrus is ALL boy. Loves splashing in the tubby, eating all kinds of goods, cuddling, watching yo GABA GABA… And he does have so much of your personality. Can be insecure and need extra cuddles. Sensitive to his sisters crying or screaming. Loves to take his clothes off lol loves wrestling around. Bella is more cautious with everything. But very smart. She hears your voice and just goes nuts looking for you. Laila can be the little aggressive and assertive baby. She wants what everyone else has. Lol always big grins and looking for praise. I see a lot of you in all the babies. Can’t believe they turn a year here in just a few days. Such a blessing that they all doing so well. All good eaters. Laila just hated that baby food. But loves finger foods. Now if they could just stop teething enough to start sleeping through the night. Cyrus with 6 teeth now. Laila about to have 4 and Bella still with her 2. Lol it was funny tonight both Bella and Cyrus reaction to their first popsicle lol umm mom you are not taking that back… It’s mine now. Lol

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