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Joseph’s introduction to his classmates

September 3, 2012

Joseph got to bring three things to school with him to introduce himself to his classmates. He was excited! This is his statement:

My name is Joseph .I am 9 years old.I think school is fun because I can play with my friends.
In my bag I brought three things : some pictures of my brothers and pets because I like my pets
and brothers. I also brought E.B.S water bowl because I like animals.The last thing I brought
was a Hawaii magnet because I like Hawaii and magnets. These three things are important
to me. I hope my class mates know more about me. I am exited about a great school year!


From → My children

  1. Tayler greene permalink

    I never even knew that happened.

  2. Georgann Greene permalink

    Nice job, Joseph. I am so happy to hear you are excited about a great school year. I am sure your teacher is pleased to have a good student who is eager to learn in her classroom. I am looking forward to good comments and grades on your report card again this year. You are off to an awesome start. Way to go!
    Love, Grandma G.

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