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Ouch, ouch, ouch….

August 31, 2012

I did the following for a workout today: I climbed sixteen flights of stairs at the courthouse, then I did 12 alternating lunges holding 60 lb dumbbells, followed by another set of 12 alternating lunges with 65 lb dumbbells. My legs started hurting like crazy, so I finished with two sets of dumbbell bench presses with 55 lbs. I did one set of ten, one set of eight. Now it is painful to walk.

I only did fifteen workouts this month, but some of them were extremely challenging. Moreover, I did four personal record performances, so overall it wasn’t a bad month. I am trying.


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  1. Holy soreness, Batman! Note to self: epic hurting after this one. I am pretty much in pain from head to toe. Yeah, this one rocked. No wonder I am only working out half the time. It will take me days to recover from this workout.

  2. You are constantly over doing your workouts and end with pain the following day. You really should learn self control and moderation.

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