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Sad, but true

August 24, 2012

I hardly ever talk politics on this blog, but this column was right on the money.

Check out the religious nut cases who make policy for our grand nation. This guy is on the science committee. I swear.

I recently read the graphic novel Jerusalem, by Guy Delisle. After reading that book, I am definitely putting Israel on the list of places I never want to be in, not even for a little while. According to Guy Delisle’s experiences, it combines two things I find most disturbing: A world ruled by religious doctrine, both Jewish and Muslim, and extreme security to the point of obsession. Yikes. No thanks.

I am almost afraid to even mention the book. The reviews on Amazon by right-wingers and religious extremists, both Christian and Jewish, are so angry that they are frightening. I don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea: I have never been there, ok? So don’t write comments calling me names. If you really hate the book and the depiction of Israeli society in it, blame Guy Delisle. I didn’t write it, so you don’t need to send me messages telling me you know where I live. If your experiences are different than his, great, I would hope so, since he was pretty miserable there.

But I have to say, this is where our nation is headed: When 20% of our Congress visited Israel last summer, they found a place just like what they had been dreaming of, a model for the United States: A country based upon religious principles and obsessed with constant searches and questioning.

I am only forty-three. But I have seen a lot of changes in our country in my short life. The rise of the religious far right and the huge increase in security powers in our nation is amazing in such a short time. I was watching a movie from the 70’s on TV. The guy ran up to the ticket counter at the airport, bought a ticket for a flight, and then just ran out on the tarmac and got onto a plane. Not anymore, buddy.

In Kern County, the local candidates frequently proclaim that they are “God’s candidate” for the position. Sometimes multiple candidates will claim that God wants them to win. One candidate for County Supervisor basically ran on a platform of using Biblical principles to run the county, whatever that means. Her whole campaign revolved around her devotion to Christianity and she was backed by the churches alone. How is that different than candidates in Saudi Arabia or Iran, except for the type of religion?

Secret prisons, assassinations world-wide by Presidential order, wire taps without a warrant? This wasn’t the program of Ronald Reagan. These days it is the uncontroversial position of both parties. Now I read the Republican Party seeks to outlaw abortion, period, under all circumstances. That is perfectly consistent with their appeal to religious extremists.

The worst, most miserable countries on Earth are those ruled by religious fanatics. Do we really want to join Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Afghanistan among the list of countries in which every decision is considered unto the word of God?

The Renaissance freed Europe from religious fanaticism and ignorance. Are we going to slip back? Is science going to be made an enemy in this country? President Bush had weekly phone conferences with major pastors to discuss his policies. How close are we to a theocracy? Our politicians know that rape can’t make a woman pregnant, global warming is a hoax, gay marriage is an abomination, Jesus spoke English, the Queen makes policy decisions in Britain, can’t find Russia on the globe, and know that the Bible is the literal unchanging word of God to be followed in every instance. These are all things our elected leaders have said recently. Since when did being devout and stupid become the only qualifications for office? And if you have a DUI, a child out of wedlock, ever have smoked marijuana? No public service for you, sinner. Help us.

I am honestly afraid to even mention this topic. If you even bring up the influence that organized religion has on politics in Bible Belt communities like Bakersfield, you are taking some huge risks.  Don’t bother writing me angry comments: I can delete them faster than you can write them.


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  1. There are all types of people in the world babe. Some far to extreme. I’m sure their heart was in the right place with some of those… As if they do feel they are following gods word. Mixing religious beliefs (variety at that) and politic (as they can make and change laws) can sort of be poisonous. Depending on which faith is being portrayed. In a mixed world it’s nearly impossible to make everyone happy. To think global warming could not be by the hands of god is just foolish. As many times god uses tools (including people) to do his work.

  2. Erica Greene permalink

    Um… wow. I’m a believer, but that’s a little much. However there tends to be extremest in everything so I’m not all that surprised.

  3. Donald Greene permalink

    In the big picture, the GOP does not have much of a chance in the upcoming election. Wonder why?

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