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A nine year old’s “pets”

August 21, 2012

Joey decided to bring in photos of all his pets for show and tell on his second day in school. The menagerie consists of: fish, a cat, two rabbits, a turtle, a tadpole, and his baby brother. Ha ha ha!

  1. Tayler greene permalink

    I don’t know how you did it but that’s pretty good

  2. Lynn permalink

    Fantastic !!! O and Cyrus I can really see Michelle’s features in him. My lil brother looked just like him as a baby. They are all so adorable ! Love to all !

  3. He has such a strong passion for animals. Including his little brother he loves them all to pieces. I think it’s one of the best lessons in life is to learn to care for another that depends on you. Teaches him responsibility. And so far I’m very impressed with his love and care for his pets. And as u can see he’s very proud of them. And it’s a boy thing when it comes to brothers… His baby brother pet lol

  4. Donald Greene permalink

    Good for Joey!

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