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Portrait of the boys on the first day of school

August 20, 2012

  1. Tyler greene permalink

    Nice first day

  2. Tayler greene permalink

    My first day was asame

  3. Donald Greene permalink

    Nicely done by all four of you! It is great to see their enthusiasm, it is wonderful that you were able to capture it in your drawing.

  4. They all had a great day at school. They all love their teachers. I was talking to Joey yesterday and come to find out, he’s in a mixed class. Where his 1 teacher is teaching 3rd and 4th during the same hours within the same class. With still 32 students. He explained more how his teacher does it. I was at first not so happy. How can 1 teacher properly teach what each level needs affectively. But he reassured me he’s very happy with his class. So maybe… As he’s in 3rd grade… Mixed with 4th graders… Maybe he will excel more with possibly learning some 4th grade material. Just shows what all the limited funding is doing to our schools.

  5. Lynn Metzler permalink

    Nice !!!

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