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I give up, dammit!

August 19, 2012

File:Caravaggio Judith Beheading Holofernes.jpgThis painting by Caravaggio is perfect to show my frustration. I can’t understand Mandarin Chinese TV worth a damn. I am going to start studying Italian instead. I love art and food. It will be perfect. And, unlike Chinese, I will be able to communicate in this lifetime. Italy has some of the finest art in the world, and I want to go there to see it (including paintings by this artist). Call me a quitter, but I am tired of being frustrated at trying to learn impossibly difficult languages, like Chinese, Arabic or Russian. I want a language I can actually learn, for once.

  1. I have knocked my brains out on Chinese for a year straight and I can’t read a thing. I can read Wikipedia in Italian without one minute of study. Between the cognates with English (words similar in both languages) and the cognates with Spanish, I have no trouble reading Italian. D’oh! Why didn’t I do this earlier?

  2. Erica Greene permalink

    I love Italian!!!! I approve so much!!!! 😀 And when you visit, TAKE ME WITH YOU! I haven’t been to Italy in ages.

  3. Italy will be so amazing. Maybe in a year or two, would be a perfect time for us to escape. We will have to go see a few places there… Rome being up there. It’s good to see you honey find a easier language to learn. Instead of the most challenging. It’s always been your personality to tackle the most difficult…

  4. Donald Greene permalink

    I think you will be pleased with Italian. Also, they will welcome you and your money as a tourist.

  5. Tayler greene permalink

    I’m so glad for you

  6. Tayler greene permalink

    Will you take me next time

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