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A day as a househusband with triplets

May 24, 2012

Since I didn’t have any court or office appointments, I decided to stay home and help Michelle and Sammy with the triplets.
Good God, triplets are a lot of work! They just constantly whine for attention, bottles, cuddles, diaper changes, on and on. No wonder my wife can’t get any of my little projects done. It was a particularly tough day because none of the kids were able to get a good nap today. Plus, they all have colds. Add to that Cyrus not pooping for a couple of days, and I was ready by about lunch for some cheese with that whine. By four I was exhausted. By six I wanted to leave the house running and screaming. Yikes!
Uh, since my wife is reading this, let me emphasize how musical and wonderful it is to hear my strong little babies express their needs so vocally! And when I say leaving the house running and screaming, I mean screaming in celebration and joy for our three little miracles.
But seriously, I have a lot more compassion as to what she goes through every day. It’s a tough job, even with nannies! On the plus side, the day just flew by. Time went faster for me at home than it does for me at work.
I also made dinner for everybody. I made a delicious Chinese chicken soup with eggs and tofu. Everybody liked it, and Michelle appreciated the help. Tyler called it the best soup he had ever had except for chicken noodle soup. I’ll be happy with second place.
I am sure I have court appearances tomorrow. For sure!

  1. Michelle greene permalink

    Yes baby… It is a lotta work even with nannies on shift. Colds do make them even more clingy and whiny. Not the norm. But my days are never dull. As you may wonder why u think a simple task of finding someone to install a rope, and I want to pull my hair out. Lol I rarely get time to eat or call att about service issues. Lol best diet out there… Not recommended for everyone. Lol I’m happy to hear you have a new appreciation for what I do all day. Not only raising happy healthy infants, to puppies to teens. As well as making 3 meals a day for the family. Plus keeping myself looking good, ie getting dressed, showered and make up. Lol many moms give that up after 1 child. Let alone 7. Lol Plus often desserts to follow dinner. Last Monday and Tuesday that Sammy had off… Would of been great days for you to see all that I do. Cleaned the entire house along with everything else. Lol love you honey. It’s good to feel appreciated. Makes it even more worth while.

  2. Michelle greene permalink

    Oh and might I add… Still with constant probably perminant back pain from the trips delivery. I am wonder woman. Lol

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